David Chea

aka JustDave

Hi! My name is David Chea. I am a video director, motion graphics artist, stuntman and ice cream killer. I am from Melbourne, Australia but recently moved to sunny Göteborg, Sweden where I will tackle the Swedish language and lifestyle. 

It was a bunch of what seemed to be random events, experiences and people in my life, that lead me into the world of film making and production. My first passion was in dance and the art of bboying. Small jobs documenting events and shooting highlight reels have lead me halfway across the world. Meeting Antoine Schirer and Style2ouf, one of the first media companies to have documented the dance culture online took me around a few more extra times. 

Drawing from my experiences as a bboy and professional performer of 16 years, I have developed an eye for the human form and aesthetics, lines and movement. I am passionate about creating dynamic visual content by combining movement, music, storytelling and graphics. I hold experience in creating content from professional corporate videos, advertising, editorial, fashion, music videos to animation and am able to meet particular design briefs with creative flair. Recently, I have also been involved in film production especially in the genre of stunts / action. I'm looking forward to creating something special with you! 

Barbara Bui, Swinburne University, Bulla Ice Cream, Think Inc, James Galea (Best Trick Ever), PowerArts (JAP)Korea Tourism Organisation (KOR)...

Studios / Agencies
Burning House Productions (AUS), Chromatix (AUS), Style2Ouf (FRA), Creative Cartel (KOR), ProDance (UK)